About Me

Hello! My name is Alexandra

Why "Diary of an Expat Girl"? To be honest I started off having absolutely no clue what I wanted to call this blog, and I ended up picking this name because I have pretty much always been a foreigner/expat wherever I have lived.

Whenever someone asks me where I'm from I'm not too sure what to say - I'm originally half English, half Belgian and I was born in Cambridge, England, however I left when I was 2 and came back to England for University when I was 19.

In between I have lived in Stockholm, Singapore, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Florence and Paris for a little bit so I'm a mix of all different cultures which is sometimes a little bit confusing for people as they cannot place my accent.

How can I contact you? If you would like to get in touch the easiest way is to do so via my instagram page, @diaryofanexpatgirl, however, you can also send me an email to lexidoy@yahoo.com.