Where to Eat Breakfast & Brunch in Paris, France

Friday, August 18, 2017

Brunch is literally my favourite meal of the day, breakfast too. Luckily for me there were loads of yummy places to go to for breakfast and brunch when I was living in Paris. There's something for everyone in this list: from healthy, vegan, gluten free options to places that serve luscious pain perdu and scrambled eggs with bacon, here are my favourites - enjoy!


For 25 euros you can choose their formule brunch which includes a main course (lots of eggs), a bread basket, a hot drink and a juice. You can also go à la carte and order their açai bowl, sandwiches, yoghurt with granola or pain perdu.

137, rue Amelot, 75011 Paris
Monday - Friday: 12pm - 2.30 pm; Saturday - Sunday: 10.30am - 6pm

Pictured: Paperboy Meat (plate), without eggs


A coffee bar, restaurant and juice bar, season is a great all-round breakfast and brunch place for your pancakes, açai bowls, avocado toasts and granola. They've got a couple of places around the city including a special takeaway branch but this one was the original one. Try to get there before 10.30am or it may be difficult to find a table.

1, rue Dupuis, 75003 Paris
Monday - Saturday: 8.30am - 1pm; Sunday 8.30am - 7pm

Pictured: Açai bowls & bread with organic nocciolata (hazelnut spread)

Wild and The Moon

100% vegan, organic, cold-pressed, gluten-free and unpasteurised. The guys at wild and the moon are serious about health: no refined sugar, no additives or chemicals, no GMOs, no soy, no dairy and no gluten - nothing added! Most importantly though, their food and drinks are delicious and full of goodness for you.

I have only ever tried their açai bowl (I'm obsessed), their 'nice cream' which was a blend of coconut and red berries, the banana bread and some of their juices. I would recommend all of them! They're so popular that they've got a place in Dubai and are opening one in New York pretty soon.

55, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
Monday - Friday: 8am - 10.30pm, Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 10.30pm

Pictured: Iced chai latte, nice cream & açai bowl

The Hardware Société 

Located in Montmartre, the Hardware Société is, in my opinion, hands down the best brunch place in Paris. In fact, it only serves brunch - a restaurant dedicated to brunch. The restaurant was originally opened in Melbourne, Australia and made its way to Paris earlier last year, incorporating both Australian and French breakfast favourites into their menu.

They have it all: eggs, croissants (which come with incredible jam from la chambre aux confitures), bircher muesli, pain perdu, duck, salmon - you name it. The dishes are indulgent and should be savoured with every bite - the pain perdu that I had was raspberry and passion fruit flavoured and was honestly the best french toast I have ever had. If you would like to read more on the restaurant please click here. Try to get there early-ish (around 11) if you don't want to wait too long for a table.

10, rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris
Monday, Thursday & Friday: 9am - 4pm; Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am - 4.30pm (closed Tuesday & Wednesday)

Pictured: Bircher muesli

Love Juice Bar

One of my more recent finds in Paris, Love Juice Bar is almost completely dedicated to smoothie bowls and juices. Organic, vegan, gluten free and plastic free, their three main smoothie bowls are açai, peanut butter and chocolate but they sometimes have some seasonal flavours.

The owner Nadia is absolutely wonderful and she makes the absolute best smoothie bowls as well as avocado toast - seriously, try them! Not to mention the fact that compared to other places in the city, her smoothie bowls are incredibly well priced and generous.

26, rue Chapon, 75003 Paris
Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10am - 6pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm (closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

Pictured: Peanut butter bowls


This cute restaurant has two locations in the city. I have only ever been to the one in Montmartre as it was a 3 minute walk from the first flat that I lived in, perfect for the hungover brunch dates. You also had a lovely view of one of the cutest streets in Paris if you sat outside.

They have both savoury breakfast options (full English breakfast, lots of different eggs) and sweet options (waffles, pancakes, pain perdu, granola). When I went there we got waffles and pancakes which came with blueberries and the most incredible chantilly cream. Brunch is only served on Saturdays and Sundays, but they've got a really good normal menu too for your lunch and dinner needs.

1 Villa Léandre, 75018 Paris (Montmartre)
15, rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris
Brunch Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 7pm

Pictured: Waffles & Pancakes

Bol Porridge Bar

A café/restaurant entirely dedicated to porridge with both your classic sweet but also savoury options. Prices start at 6 euros so much cheaper compared to the other traditional brunch places on this list, although it's probably more of a breakfast option unless you're a fairly light eater.

They have set flavours of porridge or you can create your own with different flavours. We got the special of the day which was a vegan protein porridge bowl - almonds, peanut butter, plant-based protein powder, banana and almond milk. Seriously yummy and filling - great Scandinavian vibe interiors too.

76, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris
Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 2.30pm (closed Saturday and Sunday)

Pictured: Porridge of the day (vegan protein bowl)


For the most typically 'French' experience, despite it being full of tourists, head to Angelina, founded in Paris in 1903, for the most beautiful pastries and rich, luscious hot chocolate. You can order different types of set breakfasts ranging from 20 to 29.50 or their massive brunch for 39.50. If you're like me and don't want to blow the budget, slip into their salon de thé and enjoy a croissant and a hot chocolate or a coffee as a light breakfast.

They have many different locations around the city, however their most famous is probably their restaurant on rue de Rivoli. If you would like to read more on the restaurant please click here.

226, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Monday - Thursday: 7.30am - 7pm, Friday: 7.30am - 7.30pm, Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am - 7.30pm

Pictured: Espresso, croissant & mont blanc pastry


Brunch in Paris - Italian style! This is the Big Mamma Group restaurant which specialises in gluten free pizzas and brunch. Unlike some of the other places on this list, it's definitely not a super healthy option but it's definitely worth it nonetheless.

The interiors are super Italian - meats hanging from the ceiling and décor that is almost chaotic however in true Italian style, works. Food includes options such as pain perdu, pancakes, yoghurt, avocado prosciutto toast, truffle eggs etc. We got so much food when we went there and would suggest that you do too, it was all delicious. If you would like to read more on the restaurant please click here.

30, rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
Monday - Sunday: 9am - 4.30pm, 7pm - 10.30pm

Pictured: Pancake, brioche, banana chocolate cookie & pain perdu

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  1. It's been a while I haven't been to Paris! But these spots look amazing.


    1. You should go back ASAP!! My favourite city!

  2. Oh my, all these pics make me so hungry!!!! I have visited Seasons once and it is really an amazing place. What about Angelina café? Did you go? They have the best millefeuille in Paris.

    1. Angelina is on this list!! Ahaha best hot chocolate for sure x

  3. Read your post with so much joy. Now I want to leave for Paris immediately.
    Thank you for sharing your favorite spots in Paris. Will take my notes for my next visit in Paris.

    Love, Esther

    1. Hope that you have the best time ever! x

  4. Every place looks so delicious! I am hungry now heheh


  5. All these places look so good! There must be an endless array of amazing places to eat in Paris!

    TFM Life & Style blog

    1. Before I moved there (and during the time that I lived there) I had a massive list on my notes in my phone and I didn't even get to do half the things! It just means that I have to go back ;)

  6. I'm planning on going to Paris this December so thank you so much for this post! The food looks delightful, especially Angelina! Yummy! <3

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

    1. If you need any other tips for Paris please don't hesitate to ask me! x

  7. omg yummy, I want to try all of these

  8. I was in Paris last month! My time there was way too short :P Of these, I only tried Angelina and it was delicious! I've heard a lot about Hardware Societe from other blogs as well :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Angelina is definitely a must do for when you visit Paris! Hardware Societe was so so good, the ultimate brunch place in Paris :) you have to go back!! x

  9. Now I'm hungry. Paris is really a culinary haven. Lovely photos by the way!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  10. Yummm looks so delicious! Makes me wanna go back to Paris!
    Happy Friday :D

  11. I usually prefer acai bowls, but your pictures of the peanut butter bowls look even more delicious! Paris is a beautiful city. :)


    1. I love love loveeee acas bowls - but those peanut butter ones were incredible. They also had a cacao one... which sounded/looked incredible! x

  12. I'm also a huge fan of brunchs so this article is perfect since I'm also dying to try new places (I'm also working on the same kind of article in Paris haha).
    I love Hardware Societé, Marcel and Season, they're part of my favorite brunchs !

    I also suggest you to try holibelly, pancakes sisters, zig zag café and habemus if you're looking for something cool to try.

    Kenza from https://travelwithkenza.blogspot.fr/

    1. They're the best aren't they!! Paris has so many lovely places.

      Oooh Hollybelly and pancake sisters were on my list but I just never got round to them - zig zag cafe and habemus I've never heard of but they look cool!