Gelato Diaries: Edoardo il Gelato Biologico, Florence

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Back when I first moved to Florence in the summer my flatmate told me about this gelateria which made the most incredible cones as well as organic, healthier ice cream so one night we ventured out of the house and she introduced me to the place that has since become my favourite. I know that there are many different gelaterie in Florence, but try this one and you will be hooked.

Edoardo was born through the owners' passion of gelato and real, healthier foods. This is why their ice cream and sorbets only have organic ingredients, naturally excluding all additives, colourings, conservatives, synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - yay! The eggs and milk that they use come from chickens and cows which are able to roam in open spaces and only eat natural foods. Organic products are more natural, healthier and generally attractive to everyone and they made both a business and personal choice in making their gelateria organic - it's the first one in the whole of Tuscany! Pretty impressive.

They named their shop after their son Edoardo and of course had to name one of their flavours after him: Gianduia secondo Edoardo which is one of my favourites and I always get it as at least one of my scoops. It's an ice cream flavour which is a mix of hazelnuts and a deliciously creamy chocolate, similar to nutella but less rich, which I actually prefer, surprise surprise. They haven't forgotten their grandparents either who gave them their old recipes and they named two of their flavours after them: Crema di Nonna Rosina made of fresh eggs, milk and sugar and Zabajone di Nonna Antonietta made of fresh eggs, milk, sugar and white raisin wine.

Their flavours change all the time, however they generally always keep some of their classics which tend to be the three above named after their family as well as pistacchio (pistachio), canella (cinnamon - YUM), cioccolato (chocolate) & sorbetto al Chianti (red wine sorbet). I have also seen goji berries, caco (persimmon), nocciotella (hazelnut stracciatella) and caffelatte & biscotti (milk, coffee & cookies). 

They also always have vegan flavours which is great for any plant-based foodies out there. I have seen chocolate, hazelnut, peanut, red wine sorbet and some other fruit flavours on offer, depending on the season as for their sorbets they only use fresh, seasonal fruit and sometimes they even use the peel where they can, for example with peaches, apricots and pears.

Now for the part that is the absolute best thing about Edoardo: their cones. They make them in-house, in front of you and the smell wafting out of the place is irresistible. I had to walk past it 2-4 times a day in order to get to work and it took a lot of will power not to go in every single time. They are so buttery and if you're lucky you will get a freshly made warm one. They come in two varities: your standard cone (pictured above) or una coppetta croccante (a cone shaped as a cup, if that makes sense) which you can see on the price list.

I have been here several times now and I have to say that my go-to is a small cone (for 3 euros) with a scoop of gianduia and a scoop of cinnamon. I absolutely love cinnamon and this flavour really hits the spot (as so many others of them!) It's in the Piazza del Duomo as well so the perfect location for sightseeing (map below). Definitely try this place if you are in Florence and get the cone. You won't regret it.

Alexandra x

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  1. I'm loving everything about this.... what a temptation to walk past everyday!!!

    Denton & Lou 

    1. It was SO tempting! I don't know how I didn't gain 10 kilos... x

  2. Omg the best gelato! My American friend who lives in Florence took us there on my last visit. Most of the time, I find that the best food is located in obscure locations away from the tourist attractions, but Eduardo's is the exception! Out of all the gelato I've eaten in Italy, this is one of my favorites!

    1. It is actually so good isn't it! I'm actually going to post a "where to eat in Florence" blogpost soon so if you ever go back you can discover more of my favourites :D x

  3. It looks sooo good, but 3 EUR for 2 pcs is quite heavy.
    At my hometown it is 0,80 EUR for 1 pcs.

    xoxo, Colli
    Beautyblog tobeyoutiful

    1. What! Wow that is so cheap. I know... the cups are cheaper but the cones are what it's all about. Plus it's in the centre of Florence so I guess rent is very expensive! xxx