Gelato Diaries: Gelateria dei Neri, Italy

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When a few friends and I came to Florence last summer to study Italian for two weeks at a language school (perfect excuse for a holiday), one of the girls discovered this beautiful gelateria, just a few steps away from where we were studying. We loved it so much that we would often reminisce and wish that we could go back to Florence just for this!

Situated in one of Florence's most famous streets, via dei Neri (where Antico Vinaio is too, read about that more here), this family-run gelateria is the perfect place for a gelato after a long visit to some of Florence's most famous monuments and museums: the Palazzo Vecchio and la Galleria degli Uffizi.

They have such a wide range of flavours that you can really go crazy and pick whichever one you like - try a new one every day if you want. Whenever I want gelato i'm either in more of a creamy mood or more of a fruity one - and I can say that this place definitely delivers on both occasions. They have some more experimental flavours such as chocolate with pistachios and chilli or more simple ones such as hazelnut and salted caramel and everyone that I have brought here loves the place.

My favourites include hazelnut (nocciola) and their version of nutella. It is called moretto via dei Neri and is the creamiest, most delicious hazelnut-chocolate concoction. It isn't an ice cream consistency though so I often ask to only have a tiny bit of it to accompany my hazelnut which go together amazingly, otherwise it's a bit too sweet and overpowering. Now however they have created a pre-made mix which is perfect! Look for it when you go in and try - you won't be dissappointed.

As well as gelato they also have granita which is a typical Sicilian dessert made from fruit, water and sugar which is perfect for the hotter summer months which can be unbearable sometimes (trust me). My friend Marie was visiting me over summer and whilst I went for my classic hazelnut mix she went for the clementine granita which I had a taste of and it was so refreshing. Some other ones which I have tried are raspberry (lampone) and cookies which both also get two big thumbs up!

Starting at just 1,80 be sure to try out this one when you are in Florence (map below). Some of the flavours may not seem that appealing but for example the place only uses Sicilian pistachio's to make a more traditional pistachio flavour which means that the colour may seem a little more brown rather than the tourist traps which use bright green colourings (avoid).

Alexandra x

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  1. You're making my hungry right now! These look sooooo yummy!
    Prices starting at 1,80€, it's such a deal!

    Laura |

    1. It's incredible! Such good value and so yummy too.. you have to go there if you come to Florence! xx

  2. Oh wow, this place looks amazing! Mouth is watering just looking at the photos! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. It is!! Also thank you for commenting - I just had a read of your blog and it's great :) x