Beyond The Kale: Plant-Based Bliss in Bath, England

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Beyond the Kale is hands-down one of my favourite places in Bath and when I went back to the UK for a couple of days it was definitely on the to-do list. They specialise in juices and smoothies but have so many different breakfast, lunch and dessert options too. Everything is plant based, as well as delicious, and I have brought several people here who are neither vegan or even vegetarian and they have all enjoyed it.

Normally I always go for the falafel wrap which has their homemade falafel, organic quinoa tabouleh, fresh leaves, house slaw, sweet chilli and a tahini sauce. It is honestly phenomenal and so filling - whoever said that vegan food doesn't fill you up is wrong because these babies will not leave you any room for dessert which is kind of a shame actually because their desserts always look so yummy. Take a look on instagram as they often post what they have in store: @BeyondTheKale (how fitting is the name!?) 

This time I decided to go for one of the specials which was a chickpea curry (yum), as did one of my friends, and the others went for the falafel wrap and another one of the specials which was a lentil soup. Some of the girls also got some juices and smoothies: the green one is the Vitamin C Boost which I have had before (kale, celery, pineapple & orange) and the yellow is Mango Tango (mango, pineapple, banana & orange). 

I'm so happy that there are more and more vegan/vegetarian/healthy restaurants opening up in Bath. Some of my favourites include Beyond the Kale, The Green Rocket Café and Cascara. The Acorn Vegetarian Restaurant is supposed to be not only delicious but also super inventive with their creations and although I haven't been there yet it's definitely on my list for when I live back in Bath in September (which seems so far away but considering that I have less than a month left in Florence it's not going to take too long). 

At Beyond the Kale you can also find a mini health food store so you can buy all of the coconut yoghurt and organic quinoa that you need. To be honest going there was the exact fix that I needed because although you can find these kind of places in Florence, they are a bit more tricky to locate and definitely more expensive. After living in Florence for three and a half months I was starting to get a little sick of Italian food - it's buonissimo and anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE pizza and pasta but it was getting too much for me and this place was the perfect breath of fresh air. 

They're located in Green Park Station (map below) which is close to the big Sainsburys but they're also on deliveroo so if you're ever feeling lazy you can still try them out! 

Alexandra x 

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  1. Please take me there! I am hungry! :-)

  2. I LOVE Beyond the Kale, it's one of my favourites in Bath. I used to go there every lunch break and spend all of my money. my fave juice was the energising one ?? can't remember the name but it had apple, lemon and ginger and it was delish.

    1. Hahaha yes it is amazing!! I love it so much it would be a dream to work there (just for all of the food, ha!) xx