Gelato Diaries: Gelateria la Carabè, Florence

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Florence is full of the most beautiful gelaterias (ice cream shops) where you can find whatever your heart desires (yum), a couple of weeks ago my Italian teacher suggested this place to me!

She used to work here when she was studying at university and explained how this is one of the few gelaterias which actually uses all fresh, natural ingredients for both their gelato and their granita (a typical Sicilian dessert made primarily from shaved ice)

Hazelnut, Chocolate and Stracciatella 
Lemon, Passion Fruit & Kiwi
Although I was in a chocolatey/nutella-ey (is that even a word?) mood I had to try the fruit ones because it was what I came here for and what everyone raved about!

So I decided to go for lemon and passion fruit. Apparently lemon is the hardest flavour to master because you have to get the mix of lemon and sugar just right otherwise fa sciffo! (it's disgusting!). When a new gelateria opens up the others go to check out the competition and their opinion of how good they are lies in the hands of their lemon gelato (no pressure). 

Apparently this is the same for pizzeras - when a new one opens up everyone tries the margherita because it is the base of the pizza. If the margherita isn't good then none of the pizzas can be good, and if a pizzeria has a menu with many many pizza's then they are not really Italian (and they absolutely CANNOT have pineapple on the menu). I always figured that pineapple wouldn't be a true Italian topping but these thoughts were affirmed by the face of my Italian teacher when a Swiss student said that it was his favourite topping (lol)

Another student, a woman from Slovakia managed to shock my teacher even more by saying that she tried to order coffee and lemon gelato together but the person serving her wouldn't let her have it. The teacher thought that she was joking and apparently, in Italy when you have a hangover after a long night of drinking, you put lemon juice in your coffee to be sick and get the alcohol out of your system because it is that disgusting. Be careful what you ask for in Italy - they might be offended! 

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Not going to lie, they were good! But just not what I was expecting. I went for lemon and passion fruit and they were a sorbet consistency, not creamy at all. Everything is homemade, organic and free of additives and preservatives but to be honest for the price I probably wouldn't go back, or would just go for a smaller size because this bad boy was 4. If you really like fruity sorbets then definitely check this place it out, it's all down to personal preference! You can find it on Via Ricasoli, very close to the Galleria dell'Academia (where the real David is).

 Enjoy! More gelaterias coming soon, Alexandra x

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  1. Alex, thanks for that part about a Slovak woman �� actually, I liked that combination of ice cream ��

    1. Hahaha I need to try it! Wish you were still here xx